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Stock Car Racing in Las VegasOf all American motor sports, stock car racing has by far the richest and most colorful history. History tells that the legend of Junior Johnson is very true and old-timers confirm the same. The old-timers say racing evolved mostly due to moonshine competition back in the days of prohibition. Junior Johnson would run loads of granddaddy's corn liquor along the South's back roads from Tennessee to Tallahassee, pushing a souped-up and stripped down old Ford, Chevy, Chrysler or Dodge to the breaking point, staying well ahead of the revenuers. This required speed and thus the first race cars originated. When a few more good ol' boys got themselves into the game, Junior had his truck modified to go faster than his competition, and soon folks were more interested in watching the races than they were with the liquor they delivered.

During the fifties and sixties, stock car racing celebrated America's automotive dominance and pressed the limit's of "the big three's" technology, pushing heavy-metal machines around dirt tracks on the outskirts of small towns and big cities alike. The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and a host of garage bands sang hymns to little deuce coupes and 409's. The bitter rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet escalated almost to the status of Hatfields and McCoys while Chrysler devotees staked-out their sacred ground along pit row. Stock car racing's quirky little customs evolved into rich and colorful traditions.

Today, you can begin your own chapter in Las Vegas stock car racing history, taking a few laps in an official NASCAR® machine, or learning all the engineering, physics, physiology, strategy, and technique that go into post-modern super-stock competition. Las Vegas Stock Car Racing Schools will suit you up, strap you in, and launch you into automotive fantasyland. Stock car racing in Las Vegas is an experience you will never forget!

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Just put the pedal down and keep turning left.

Las Vegas Stock Car Racing SchoolsOn their outsides, stock cars look just like the Fords, Chevy, and Buicks parked on driveways up and down your street. The innocent outsides pay homage to the good old days when keeping the cars looking harmless was a big part of the deception, and the sleek, shiny shells pay even greater tribute to the magic and artistry of modern fiberglass molding. Underneath those factory-facsimile outsides, all kinds of mechanical wizardry keeps the driver safe and secure while he pushes it around big ovals in Nevada at up to 230 m.p.h.

"Just keep it at 60," the man will say as the pit crew perfectly adjusts the driver's seat to your proportions. "My grandmother keeps her Oldsmobile at 60," you will think to yourself until you look at the gauges and discover your car has no speedometer—only a tachometer. "60" here means 6000 rpm, or approximately twice the speed that propels your family sedan at 90 mph. "Go straight until you get to the big left turn; then, just keep turning left", the man will smile. At that moment, you become officially a part of Las Vegas stock car racing.

Why not drive the number eleven car around the track this weekend? Only eleven little digits stand between you and the roar of the engine on the asphalt. Call Las Vegas Stock Car Racing Schools today!

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NOTE: Stock Car Racing in Las Vegas may not be available within Las Vegas city limits but at a location nearby. All dates and times are not available due to track schedules and other factors. Please call our staff at Las Vegas Racing School for details, location and availability of Stock Car Racing Schools and Driver Experiences near Las Vegas.

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